Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A free Small Start-up Business Finance Seminar and Workshop!

How to Finance a Start-up Small Business in a Volatile SA economy? Online Seminar!
Current economic activity in South Africa is down on last year's numbers in real terms, according to the latest BankservAfrica Economic. BankservAfrica suggests that the economy will remain low to flat in the immediate future. The only constant at present is the uncertainty of both small business owners, business minded people and potential entrepreneurs. Are you a Business Owner needing finance? Development Project by USAID's Financial Sector Programme aimed at addressing the challenges of access to finance for SME”s in South Africa, we've helped thousands of business owners get finance. Development Project by USAID's Financial Sector Programme links you with all the lenders across the country that match your specific funding needs - there are over 300 offerings. Grants are usually not repayable, but most are cost-sharing. In other words, the grant will not cover the full amount of finance required. Some grants will only cover 35% of the total financial need, whilst others may go so far as to cover 80% of the financial need. There are also a few grants that provide 100% of the financial need but these are significantly less common and tend to be a once-off opportunity to assist new businesses. In order to match you with a professional in your geographic area, please register here: 

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